It’s a Love Hate Relationship

I notice, depending on my mood that day, I have two reactions to Facebook when I log in.  I have kids, so I log in at night, and I’m either exhausted, or feeling relaxed and relieved I’ve conquered the day. If I’m feeling good, I enjoy my Facebook browse.  Aww, look at how nice their remodeled […]

What The Heck is Social Media Optimization Anyway? – Stepping Back and Defining SMO

Before we had search engine optimization (SEO).  It took me a good six months for that three letter acronym to become part of my regular vernacular.   “Oh, yeah, we are working on SEO’ing.”  Just flows off my tongue, like ASAP or RSVP. Then Social Media Optimization came into the picture.  Huh?  What the heck is […]

More Is Not Always Merrier – Keyword Strategy

Choosing keywords is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign.  After all, you could spend hours per day, even hire someone dedicated to perform SEO, only to be spend your resources in vain.  If you and your company aren’t targeting the right keywords, a lot of effort will […]

Just Talk or Something More – CRM Goes Social

A new trend is emerging – customer relationship management (CRM) is going social.  CRM is no longer just about sending invoices in a timely fashion, and having a billing department to answer questions.  With the rise of social media, CRM has been elevated.  CRM is now about being in touch with the customer – understanding […]

A Vain or Productive Pursuit – The Rise of Individual Branding Websites

Social Influence

There is a new sort of website that has emerged – a website that focuses on how strong your social  influence is on the web.  Individuals that join these websites are given some sort of a score.  The higher your score, the more influential (supposedly) you are on the web.  Some examples of these websites […]