Pop culture overload

Pop culture overload – http://ow.ly/aAmKY

Klout.com – How Does Your Influence Rate?

Klout is quickly becoming a cornerstone of the social media marketing landscape. If you’re wondering what it is and what it can do for you, keep reading: An Introduction Klout is a simple idea, really: It measures your influence in social media the same as Google Analytics measures your website’s degree of success. One of the […]

EmpireAvenue.com – Social Media Site Sells Stock In You

Businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals who are looking to gain further awareness of their brand or presence will find that Empire Avenue is a great way to expand, engage and evaluate their social media networks. Users of this virtual game and social platforms participate in missions and interact with others in order to gain virtual currency, […]

Launching a new site I built today! Check it out!

Launching a new site I built today! Check it out…let me know what you think if you can. Thanks! http://swyftmobile.com/

The Shift Toward Cloud-Based Services

“To the cloud” You’ve likely heard those three words before. Get used to them – you’re going to be hearing them a lot more in the future. So just what is “the cloud?” “The cloud” is short for cloud computing, which is a concept wherein resources, data, software, information, etc. are shared over a network. […]

Clean up the dirtiest thing on the inter

Clean up the dirtiest thing on the internet, the Data Centers – http://ow.ly/are3a #GoGreen #GreenPeace !

WordPress: The Platform of Choice for Your Blog

WordPress has evolved over the years to become one of the best platforms available to host your blog. It’s flexibility and the large number of useful extensions allow you and the reader to focus on the content of the blogging message and not the technology making it available online. A WordPress blog can be hosted […]

Google v Oracle: we wanted to take on An

Google v Oracle: we wanted to take on Android, admits Ellison – http://ow.ly/alIf2

Why Social Media is Important to the Business of Today

When social media was first developed, it was used primarily to allow people to easily communicate with one another as friends, relatives, or acquaintances. As time went on, people discovered new ways to benefit from these websites. Today, social media is a tool commonly used in the business world for a variety of different purposes. […]